Smart Home case study: bedroom

Everyday life in the bedroom


  • Lighting should be on only when the external light sensor says so. All of the lights can be switched on. This type of lighting is not needed during power failures.

  • Blinds should roll up at wake-up time but not at weekends or when the school holiday option is set.

  • Play music option is allowed.

Before bedtime/watching TV

  • Only mood lighting is on, but only if it is necessary according to the external light sensor. For afternoon nap preparations any lighting is unnecessary with natural daylight.

  • This type of lighting is unnecessary at power failures.

  • Blinds should go down and full shading should be activated.

Sleep time

  • Only night light should be on. It is to be turned on during power failures.

  • Anti-burglary protection: when the sleep time mode is active and the night period (e.g.: between 10 pm and 5 am) is on, any external door or window is unlikely to be opened. In this case a so called external alarm can be activated, it’s quiet mode alarm focuses on the bedroom. In our home an unpleasant flashing light starts, as each light flashes and goes out simultaneously 15 times.

I got up first

  • Only the mood lighting is switched on, if and only if the external light sensor says so.

Shading: according to the previous settings


  • Music is to be manually controlled, that is, sleep time function is not used to stop it.
  • A universal charger is a compulsory component of the bedside table mainly for recharging smart phones (therefore the smart phone as a torch is always at hand)
  • The reading lamp is to be in the middle, it can be turned to either direction, so it won’t disturb the partner still asleep.
  • Wardrobe lighting is necessary only if the wardrobes are in an awkward or dark place.
  • Led candles can perfectly function as mood lighting, just 1 or 2 can provide enough light.

Coming up next: bathroom and restroom

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